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Hair Education

Brooke is an experienced and talented Hair Educator who travels to your salon to share her knowledge! Her esteemed and passionate hair educator who goes beyond the techniques.


With her expertise and commitment, she empowers stylists to expand their industry knowledge and elevate their craft through a comprehensive, technique-based educational approach.

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Hair Career Ongoing Education

Brooke's genuine passion lies in helping hair stylists customize and shape their careers on their own terms. Through her skills, stylists can unlock their full potential, build their own path, and create a thriving hairstyling business.

Drawing from her personal class experiences and best practices, she imparts valuable wisdom to keep stylists on a forward trajectory, fostering constant growth and success.

Attend a class or book me for education in your salon today! 

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Learn at Your Own Pace

Brooke's hair techniques education allows stylists to learn on your terms and grow the client base you dream about!

During my hair classes, you will learn how to properly analyze the hair's texture and movement. Create a haircut and hair color that works perfectly the hair's natural flow and hair type.

Book A Class

Get Color and Haircutting Classes in Your Salon

6-8 weeks notification needed to book a class. 

Kansas City Area- $350 Demo Only, $950 Hands on Classes

Outside of KC- Full Day $400pp, min 6, max 12

**Contact me for a custom quote**

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the dry haircut method?

Dry haircutting is a method that allows you to personalize the haircut to the client, giving details specific to the client's hair type and style.

How do you prepare for a dry cut?

To prepare for dry cutting, make sure the hair is free of products and combed smooth. Mist with a small amount of leave in conditioner for slip and ease of combing.

What are the benefits of a dry haircut?

It allows the stylist to create a fully personalized cut to clients needs.

What are 4 basic haircutting techniques?

The 4 basic haircutting techniques are: dry cutting, layering, slide cutting and texturizing.

What is the foilyage method?

The foilyage method is hairpainting to allowing more lift and control. Foilyage is painting hair in foils to maintain heat, saturation and even processing.

What is the difference between Balayage and Foilyage?

The difference between balayage and foilyage is: Balayage is open air processing and foilyage processing color in foils.

What is the difference between teasy lights and Foilyage?

The difference between teasy lights and foilyage is: With teasy lights, you back comb to defuse harsh lines giving a subtle-lived in look.  Foilyage is to cover the color in foils, teasy lights and foilyage can be done together.

What face shape can pull off a pixie cut?

Most face shapes can pull off a pixie cut, as long as softness and shape accentuate the clients features. 

Is a pixie cut good for older ladies?

Pixie cuts are ageless!

What does it mean if a girl has a pixie cut?

The definition of a pixie cut is a short cropped, over the ears haircut.  There are many variations of a pixie- shaved or cut very short on the sides and back.  Pixie styling typically has softer edges and texture throughout.

How do I start a career in hair?

To start a career in hair, enroll in a quality salon industry school or seek an in person or apprenticeship course.

What skills do you need to be a hairstylist?

Creativity and the desire to make people feel good about themselves as a stylist.

No need to cancel a membership or create an account to book a class. Contact me for travel quotes, I travel to New York and beyond!

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